It Is Written In The Stars

I've been thinking of getting inked lately. I've always wanted to get a Scorpio tattoo -- among others -- ever since so many years ago, somewhere near my nape or at the back of my ear. So I searched the ever-reliable Google for tattoos of the Scorpio symbols, and narrowed down my options into two:


While searching for tat ideas, several Scorpio quotes in Google images caught my attention. Now I don't really believe in horoscopes. I wanted to, but none of what I've read ever came true...not those yearly predictions for my Chinese zodiac (rat), nor the daily horoscopes for Scorpios.

HOWEVER, I do like the personalities associated with Scorpios. Those, I can say, are fairly accurate. I'm not one who constrains herself within the limitations set by these "definitions," but I can't deny that most of what I've read about Scorpio women do not stray too far from the truth. 

That said, I love my zodiac. I've loved it since Day 1. I like the enigma, the sarcasm, the fierceness--heck, even the sensuality--that comes with the classification. I'm not even apologetic about how these traits are far from positive. In fact, the Scorpio's seemingly deviant character is what makes me proud to be one. Ergo, my wanting the symbol inked on my skin.

I was so amused with these "Scorpio quotes" that I saved some on my phone. It just amazes me how precise they are, as if I wrote the quotes myself. If anyone ever asks what kind of person I am, I suggest they just read the quotes posted below. LOL.

And here's an article that became an instant favorite: Scorpio Woman: Her Influence on Feminism & "Masculine" Femininity
"Scorpio women and Plutonic women fuse this masculine energy to create their own brand of femininity. They don't wish they were men. The LOVE being women. They simply spend their lives creating a new breed of woman and changing social mores and myths of what womanhood should be." 
You guys need to know that I'm a hardcore advocate for women empowerment. Or as the Spice Girls would call it, Girl Power. LOL. Even to this day when there are more than 2 genders, women are still perceived as the weaker sex. It irks me that women are still expected to be damsels in distress who can't change her tires or drive the Fast and effin' Furious out of the highway during rush hour. NO. That's the stereotype forced on women during the era of Adam and Eve, B.C. Maybe it's because I'm an only child and therefore show an even proportion of my mother's femininity (although she's not exactly "girly" herself) and my father's masculinity? But whatever the reason, I'm not a fan of women trying to act weak in front of men to get their attention. If I can carry my bag, I will. Go and try to prove your manliness somewhere else.

I think part of the reason for being so "mysterious" is because Scorpios hate being predictable. Predictability means others have some control over your next move/decisions, and giving others control does NOT fare well with us. I in particular, don't like humoring expectations. Or when I do, I make sure I don't follow it to a T, and I give something still a little different from what people expect. I don't really know why...I just really dislike being part of the norm. I guess the stars do have something to do with the way the worlds works after all. :)

But dark personalities aside, I think all these inclinations are because of the fear to settle for the ordinary. Settling denotes the lack of passion to explore, to seek for more. With everything that's going on around the world, there is a need for continuous learning -- to search for a reason to still believe in the goodness of humanity, in love, and in life. Maybe it's because I'm a Scorpio, or maybe a Scorpio's description just happens to fit who I am. Either way, I do believe there's more beyond the fences we have built for ourselves. I will keep on trying to find a way to get the best of both worlds, and defy what we now consider as truths.

Oh, diba? I bet you didn't expect that biglang kabig sabay hugot part. :))

"Scorpio Symbol" Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY
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This Is Your Poem

Aaand I made another one. Yes, it's true. I'm so talented that I wrote two poems on the same day, one immediately after the other. My gosh, the world is so lucky to have me. LOL.

Ego aside, I'm just so in the mood to write right now. Blame it on Lang Leav...and korean drama. LOL! Anyway, this one has the usual theme. About new but unwanted feelings and the effort to contain it, but the walls are weak and begin to crumble down...so she expresses through writing. ;)

P.S. The title is a tweaked version of the line from Elton John's "Your Song."


I didn't expect you.
I didn't expect my reaction to your presence.
Just standing there,
Etching your name on my skin with every stare.

I didn't want you.
Not even when you opened your heart.
Not until you stood in my way,
revealing your thoughts with your eyes.

I regret looking through you.
I regret seeing the uncertainty, the plea.
Your eyes begged for mine to give you answers;
and I felt compelled to respond.

You've entrapped me and you don't even know.
Or are you feigning ignorance?
I've wandered too far into your territory;
and I find myself in a labyrinth of truths and denials.

I want to escape from you,
yet I'm the one embracing you.
I'm enchanted by your subtlety;
how you speak loudly in your silence.

I sense I'll keep writing about you,
in place of words I will not let you hear,
in place of smiles I will not let you see.
Let my pen walk you through the answers you seek from me.


GIF from https://www.tumblr.com/search/i%20like%20you%20gifs
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I've been reading some Lang Leav again and voila. For you. Wait for me. :)

There's always a reason,
as I've finally learned.
I've always questioned why
until you.
All you needed to do
was walk into the room
and suddenly I had the answers.
Although you also brought new questions.

Ah, who knew?
I was a nomad all this time.
I slept on my own bed,
within the walls of my own house.
But never, never had I felt so at home
than when I stood beside you.

Home is where you are.
Home is where you will be.

So wait for me. 
Like every person who's built her first house
I need to deserve you.
I need to justify the tenderness in your eyes 
when you steal brief glances.
Or the sincerity in your smile
when I catch you and our glances linger.

I'll be coming home,
so don't forget me.
Even though I seem to take some time.
Even though it seems I'm wandering off.
Hold onto me.
I'll leave you little reminders,
Like white pebble stones to guide me home.

Or you can come to me
I'll carve markings on the trees.
Anything to make it known to you...
Anything to make it known to me...
That although we're walking on different streets,
You will always, always be home to me.


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30-Day Song Challenge (Days 7-12)

Aaaand I'm back with another set of songs for the 30-Day Song Challenge which I will compress into approximately 5 days because I don't have enough patience to do the whole 1 month stretch. LOL. Let's move right on to days 7-12:

DAY 7: A Song To Drive To

I have a variety of songs that I like to listen to while driving, but below are the regulars.

** NOBODY'S FAULT BUT MINE by Led Zeppelin - nothing like a a good rock song to keep you pumped up behind the wheel. Recommended when the road is wide and uncrowded.

** HOWLIN' FOR YOU / YOUR TOUCH by The Black Keys - I love this duo. You can bob your head and rock out when there's too much traffic during rush hours. Who cares if the people in the jeepney in front are watching you? :))

** HALLUCINATE by Oliver Riot
** ONLY FOR YOU by Heartless Bastards
** ULAY OH by How I Became The Bomb
** I'M HERE NOW / WAIT FOR ME by Motopony
I listen to these four and other similar songs during easy driving...like when I'm not in a hurry to get somewhere, or when I'm on my way home at night where everything is in slow motion and your mind has the liberty to wander (though make sure you don't wander too far from the road ahead of you. lol).

DAY 8: A Song About Drugs Or Alcohol

** ALAPAAP by Eraserheads - I loved this song when I was younger because the lyrics sounded so free(?). When I got older I realized what the song was referring to but just the same, I still like it because it gives a feeling liberation.

DAY 9: A Song That Makes You Happy

** CAN'T STOP THE FEELING by Justin Timberlake - my ultimate mood booster. When having a ho-hum day, I can trust JT to make me get up and dance and move my a$$.

** YOU AND I by Ingrid Michaelson - I don't know why but this song just puts me in a good mood. It's cute and relaxed and somewhat dreamy.

** SHAKE IT OFF by Taylor Swift - Yes, I do listen to the occasional Tay-tay. This song's lyrics is straightforward and not the slightest attempt at being poetic but in moments when life throws all the crap at you, you just need to shake it off! LOL

DAY 10: A Song That Makes You Sad

** CHANGE OF TIME by Josh Ritter - this song has the saddest melody in the world. Listen to it once and you'll agree. Though I still have this in my playlist for times when I need to enhance the emo mood. :D

** SLEEP ALL DAY by Jason Mraz - Like I've said in the previous post, Jason Mraz brings back specific memories from college which generally have no relation to the message of his songs. This particular song reminds me of a very stressful hell week of exams and papers when I was still taking up an engineering course. This song was on when I was cramming for exams while deciding whether to shift to another course or not. So whenever I hear it, the anxiety and nervousness are brought back so that I'd suddenly feel heavy. Yeah, I'm just weird like this. Lol.

DAY 11: A Song You Never Get Tired Of

** BACK TO YOU by John Mayer  - the first John Mayer song I've ever loved and will continue to love until I die. When I play my songs at random and this comes on, I never, ever skip it. That's true love. :))

DAY 12: A Song From Your Pre-teen Years

** REMEMBER ME THIS WAY by Jordan Hill - Two words: Devon Sawa. Oh man, he was all the rage to us girls who barely hit puberty in the 90s. He opened the gates to celebrity crushes for me. LOL. His short appearance in Casper was more than enough to have us all singing this song anywhere in school. And then he appeared in Now and Then, which was my all-time favorite movie. I tell people I loved the movie because of the friendship of the 4 girls, but I think subconsciously, the real reason is because he's in it.

** LOVEFOOL by The Cardigans - Another movie soundtrack, this time from the DiCaprio film version of Romeo and Juliet. I was so in with the star-crossed lovers shizz. I remember waiting on MTV just to see the music video. I mean, just look at cute fetus Leo.

** END **
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30-Day Song Challenge (Days 1-6)

So I got this off Twitter and thought it would be interesting to do this challenge. However, being the low-EQ individual that I am, I decided to give answers for Days 1-6 all at once in this blog entry. I can't stand to wait for a few days to share the songs I like. I get allergies from waiting...I'm not really very persevering. LOL. Moreover, I might have several answers for one category because I'm indecisive like that. I can never pick a favorite to save my life. Like I said, I have very low EQ. I will fail a marshmallow test before it even starts. :D

Anyway, I try to share songs that I like whenever I can and thought this challenge was an interesting way to do it. So here goes...

DAY 1: A Song You Like With A Color In The Title

** RED ORANGE GREEN by Emma Pollock - I have a weird fondness for songs with creepy, haunting melodies. I don't know why. I even made this my ringtone for a time. The MV is very Tim Burton (who's also amazing, by the way).

** YELLOW by Coldplay - Of course. When you talk color-titled songs, you can never not include Yellow. This song actually has a nostalgic effect on me. I used to listen to this all the time in my dorm during my 1st year in college and daydream about my dorm crush. Hmm...I wonder where he is now.

** NEW BLACK CAR by July For Kings - I've always listened to this when driving because...well, I drive a black car. LOL. Shallowness aside, this was about lovers who are wondering how the other is doing as the girl went off to college and the guy had his own thing going on, too.

DAY 2: A Song You Like With A Number In The Title

** 1000 THINGS by Jason Mraz - There's a strong association between Jason Mraz and the latter part of my college years. Some of his songs bring back very specific memories from that part of my life--even if the memories don't really have any relation to the message of the song. This one was a staple in my playlist. It sucks that he didn't release a studio version of this.

** 9 CRIMES by Damien Rice - This is song is melancholic AF. And this guy is a modern poet to me. His has created that unique Damien Rice sound and a number of his songs are very poetic in my opinion. I loved this song so much that I tried to play it on piano (thank you, Damien for making it easy to play). By the way there's a floating head in the MV. You've been warned.

** 4 AND 20 by Joss Stone - I do have my own list of sultry songs. This was from the soundtrack of Valentine's Day. It's about a woman getting frustrated from waiting for a guy to make his move. So she gave him a 24-hour ultimatum. Yeah, you go girl! Show these men who's boss. LOL

DAY 3: A Song That Remind You Of Summertime

** SAY HEY (I LOVE YOU) by Michael Franti & Spearhead - sometimes even I am surprised by how dynamic my playlist is. I don't know what made me download this song, but I have it in my folder and never deleted it. It has that summer vibe and I even used it as bgm for our Bohol trip one summer. :)

** NINE IN THE AFTERNOON by Panic! At The Disco - This song reminds me of hot, humid afternoons meant for siestas. :)

DAY 4: A Song That Reminds You Of Someone You'd Rather Forget

** COME OUT OF THE SHADE by The Perishers - You know what's even more frustrating than not getting the person? Not knowing the reason you wanted them in the first place. There's a thin line between loving the person and just loving the feeling of being special to someone. So would you risk what the 2 of you have for something you're not even sure you want? So yeah. Ayon na nga. ANYWAY, moving on...

** STUPID CUPID by Aubrey Bouskill - Ah, this song will always be about that person.

DAY 5: A Song That Needs To Be Played Loud 

Honestly I think any song I'm in the mood to listen to is worth turning up the volume for, but I'm picking out a few which recently literally get me reaching for the volume knob when I hear them.

** MOVING ON AND GETTING OVER / STILL FEEL LIKE YOUR MAN by John Mayer - You just know his name's going to pop out one way or the other. Needless to say, I'd turn the volume up on any John Mayer song but these 2 are currently my favorites out of his new album so...

** ILYSB by LANY - this song is so simple but there's something about the falsetto that just makes you want to sing along in full volume.

** CLOSE by Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo - maybe for the same reason as ILYSB...the falsetto. :)

DAY 6: A Song That Makes You Want To Dance

Okay you have to brace yourself for this one. I'm a frustrated Jabbawockeez member (lol) so I got a lot of songs in this category. You'd notice it's a mix of oldies and newbies plus I threw in some K-pop in there (and by some, I mean a lot) and of course, Queen Britney. This playlist is an honest to goodness list of songs that make me pull an impromptu dance break like a legitimate Step Up sequel. LOL! I don't care if I'm in the bathroom, or in my car, or lining up at McDonald's...I will dance if I hear any of these songs. 

Aaand that's it for Days 1-6! :)
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Both Hands

Wala lang. :) I figured I've been writing too many poems about heartaches and unrequited feelings, blah, blah. So I went for something more...reciprocated(?) today. I'm kind of singing this in my head while writing it, but I'll probably just leave it like this. I'm so lazy to pick up my guitar these days. Though it's not as if anything amazing will come out if I did. LOL.

The sand in the hourglass
is almost run out
and that's when you came to flip it
I laughed at the circumstance
who would have guessed
Love would come at the last minute

And I have never been
on this side before
I have never known
that stars could brighten some more
Now that I've seen it
I think I'll keep it

With both hands
as if it was water
Both hands 
as if it were sand
Both hands on your face
as if you were made out of glass
I've never held onto something
But this time I will with both hands

One foot out the door
In case of a heartbreak
I stand near the fire escape
At arm's length away
One hand enlaced with his
The other ready to run away

'Cause I've never been
a good enough reason
All that I've known
is that nobody's asked me to stay
But you came 
and held me

With both hands
as if I was water
Both hands 
as if I were sand
Both hands on my face
as if I was made out of glass
I've never held anyone's heart
But this time I will with both hands


PHOTO Credit: Background image created by Freepik
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