I take joy in taking photos, mostly of candid day-in-a-life stills of everyday people. It's interesting to see the uniqueness of each individual so that no life story is exactly the same. I just love micro viewing the world -- it's a deviation, as we always tend to generalize things.

I'm also trying to learn portraiture and fashion photography, the more chic branches of this art. Still on process. :)

You will see some of  my travel photos as well, which sometimes swing between food and street shots. The goal (which I hope to achieve) is to make the readers learn more about the destination, in addition to what can already be read on Google. :)

Of course, I would also write about the experiences, aiming to be as informative as possible, and laying down the deets (without mercy, lol) on whether certain tourist spots are worth a penny from your travel savings. :) I would just write as if I was chitchatting with a friend, though. So if you're looking for an in-depth travel guide, this probably isn't the blog for you. 

There are things I would rather write than say in person. And since somehow most of these musings rhyme, some of them evolve into songs, with the help of the 7-10 guitar chords that I know. Some I sing myself (not because I can, but because no one else will sing it for me), and some I leave unsung (which may be the majority's preference). Anyone is free to volunteer to sing any of my songs though. I would actually appreciate if anyone thinks it's worth arranging into a full-fledged music track. I'm certain that would sound wayyyy better.

My covers are a different story. Somehow, my mom made me think I can sing [well] when I was younger, so I would still sometimes get in touch with that confident little girl and give my own interpretation of the songs I really like. It's a rare occurrence, don't worry. It's mainly just to get the songs out of my system. There aren't that many I can actually play on guitar anyway. LOL

The songs that have influenced me in a way, in case you're curious, are also in this page. You know how sometimes you listen to a random playlist and a line from a song shakes you from your reverie and you just feel like it was written for you and you alone? Yes. Those lyrics are in this blog.

The unsung batch of musings. Some are written like a prose, and some merely an essay of my rants and realizations. Lol. I'm thinking of adding a "fun" category where I'd share stories of my funny encounters with people or my [immature] conversations with friends -- because there are times when I view my life as a sitcom. I'll work on it if I have time. 

That's it! Enjoy and feel free to comment (just don't be too harsh OR ELSE I WILL FIND YOU). :)

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