The Admission

Just letting off some steam. When you're too much of a disappointment to yourself. 


I'm finding myself below
and I can see the light above
From a small opening
Twenty feet above me
I can scratch and claw
To try and reach liberty
But the walls are too slippery
And honestly,
The light has lost appeal to me

Would you believe
I've been here for years
And I've had hands try to pull me 
up from the floor
For a moment I'd believe
That they could help me stand
But a cripple can walk farther
than the weak-willed, abled man

I'd cry for help in darkness
where I know no one could hear
In case somebody does come
I would run away in fear
I pretend to be a lion
When inside I'm a helpless prey
Haunted by the absence
of something to chase

Sympathy repels me
Yet, it's what I need
Before someone sees my frailties
I would cut the strings
I'll entrance you with music
Wear pride as a disguise
A smokescreen of lies
Hide this fraud from your eyes


P.S. I'm okay. LOL. People should know my writings are blown-up, exaggerated versions of my actual feelings. So yeah, I'm good. I'll be grateful if I can wake up tomorrow to start again. ;)

GIF credit: https://www.tumblr.com/search/vintage%20love%20gif

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