I've been reading some Lang Leav again and voila. For you. Wait for me. :)

There's always a reason,
as I've finally learned.
I've always questioned why
until you.
All you needed to do
was walk into the room
and suddenly I had the answers.
Although you also brought new questions.

Ah, who knew?
I was a nomad all this time.
I slept on my own bed,
within the walls of my own house.
But never, never had I felt so at home
than when I stood beside you.

Home is where you are.
Home is where you will be.

So wait for me. 
Like every person who's built her first house
I need to deserve you.
I need to justify the tenderness in your eyes 
when you steal brief glances.
Or the sincerity in your smile
when I catch you and our glances linger.

I'll be coming home,
so don't forget me.
Even though I seem to take some time.
Even though it seems I'm wandering off.
Hold onto me.
I'll leave you little reminders,
Like white pebble stones to guide me home.

Or you can come to me
I'll carve markings on the trees.
Anything to make it known to you...
Anything to make it known to me...
That although we're walking on different streets,
You will always, always be home to me.


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