30-Day Song Challenge (Days 7-12)

Aaaand I'm back with another set of songs for the 30-Day Song Challenge which I will compress into approximately 5 days because I don't have enough patience to do the whole 1 month stretch. LOL. Let's move right on to days 7-12:

DAY 7: A Song To Drive To

I have a variety of songs that I like to listen to while driving, but below are the regulars.

** NOBODY'S FAULT BUT MINE by Led Zeppelin - nothing like a a good rock song to keep you pumped up behind the wheel. Recommended when the road is wide and uncrowded.

** HOWLIN' FOR YOU / YOUR TOUCH by The Black Keys - I love this duo. You can bob your head and rock out when there's too much traffic during rush hours. Who cares if the people in the jeepney in front are watching you? :))

** HALLUCINATE by Oliver Riot
** ONLY FOR YOU by Heartless Bastards
** ULAY OH by How I Became The Bomb
** I'M HERE NOW / WAIT FOR ME by Motopony
I listen to these four and other similar songs during easy driving...like when I'm not in a hurry to get somewhere, or when I'm on my way home at night where everything is in slow motion and your mind has the liberty to wander (though make sure you don't wander too far from the road ahead of you. lol).

DAY 8: A Song About Drugs Or Alcohol

** ALAPAAP by Eraserheads - I loved this song when I was younger because the lyrics sounded so free(?). When I got older I realized what the song was referring to but just the same, I still like it because it gives a feeling liberation.

DAY 9: A Song That Makes You Happy

** CAN'T STOP THE FEELING by Justin Timberlake - my ultimate mood booster. When having a ho-hum day, I can trust JT to make me get up and dance and move my a$$.

** YOU AND I by Ingrid Michaelson - I don't know why but this song just puts me in a good mood. It's cute and relaxed and somewhat dreamy.

** SHAKE IT OFF by Taylor Swift - Yes, I do listen to the occasional Tay-tay. This song's lyrics is straightforward and not the slightest attempt at being poetic but in moments when life throws all the crap at you, you just need to shake it off! LOL

DAY 10: A Song That Makes You Sad

** CHANGE OF TIME by Josh Ritter - this song has the saddest melody in the world. Listen to it once and you'll agree. Though I still have this in my playlist for times when I need to enhance the emo mood. :D

** SLEEP ALL DAY by Jason Mraz - Like I've said in the previous post, Jason Mraz brings back specific memories from college which generally have no relation to the message of his songs. This particular song reminds me of a very stressful hell week of exams and papers when I was still taking up an engineering course. This song was on when I was cramming for exams while deciding whether to shift to another course or not. So whenever I hear it, the anxiety and nervousness are brought back so that I'd suddenly feel heavy. Yeah, I'm just weird like this. Lol.

DAY 11: A Song You Never Get Tired Of

** BACK TO YOU by John Mayer  - the first John Mayer song I've ever loved and will continue to love until I die. When I play my songs at random and this comes on, I never, ever skip it. That's true love. :))

DAY 12: A Song From Your Pre-teen Years

** REMEMBER ME THIS WAY by Jordan Hill - Two words: Devon Sawa. Oh man, he was all the rage to us girls who barely hit puberty in the 90s. He opened the gates to celebrity crushes for me. LOL. His short appearance in Casper was more than enough to have us all singing this song anywhere in school. And then he appeared in Now and Then, which was my all-time favorite movie. I tell people I loved the movie because of the friendship of the 4 girls, but I think subconsciously, the real reason is because he's in it.

** LOVEFOOL by The Cardigans - Another movie soundtrack, this time from the DiCaprio film version of Romeo and Juliet. I was so in with the star-crossed lovers shizz. I remember waiting on MTV just to see the music video. I mean, just look at cute fetus Leo.

** END **

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