30-Day Song Challenge (Days 1-6)

So I got this off Twitter and thought it would be interesting to do this challenge. However, being the low-EQ individual that I am, I decided to give answers for Days 1-6 all at once in this blog entry. I can't stand to wait for a few days to share the songs I like. I get allergies from waiting...I'm not really very persevering. LOL. Moreover, I might have several answers for one category because I'm indecisive like that. I can never pick a favorite to save my life. Like I said, I have very low EQ. I will fail a marshmallow test before it even starts. :D

Anyway, I try to share songs that I like whenever I can and thought this challenge was an interesting way to do it. So here goes...

DAY 1: A Song You Like With A Color In The Title

** RED ORANGE GREEN by Emma Pollock - I have a weird fondness for songs with creepy, haunting melodies. I don't know why. I even made this my ringtone for a time. The MV is very Tim Burton (who's also amazing, by the way).

** YELLOW by Coldplay - Of course. When you talk color-titled songs, you can never not include Yellow. This song actually has a nostalgic effect on me. I used to listen to this all the time in my dorm during my 1st year in college and daydream about my dorm crush. Hmm...I wonder where he is now.

** NEW BLACK CAR by July For Kings - I've always listened to this when driving because...well, I drive a black car. LOL. Shallowness aside, this was about lovers who are wondering how the other is doing as the girl went off to college and the guy had his own thing going on, too.

DAY 2: A Song You Like With A Number In The Title

** 1000 THINGS by Jason Mraz - There's a strong association between Jason Mraz and the latter part of my college years. Some of his songs bring back very specific memories from that part of my life--even if the memories don't really have any relation to the message of the song. This one was a staple in my playlist. It sucks that he didn't release a studio version of this.

** 9 CRIMES by Damien Rice - This is song is melancholic AF. And this guy is a modern poet to me. His has created that unique Damien Rice sound and a number of his songs are very poetic in my opinion. I loved this song so much that I tried to play it on piano (thank you, Damien for making it easy to play). By the way there's a floating head in the MV. You've been warned.

** 4 AND 20 by Joss Stone - I do have my own list of sultry songs. This was from the soundtrack of Valentine's Day. It's about a woman getting frustrated from waiting for a guy to make his move. So she gave him a 24-hour ultimatum. Yeah, you go girl! Show these men who's boss. LOL

DAY 3: A Song That Remind You Of Summertime

** SAY HEY (I LOVE YOU) by Michael Franti & Spearhead - sometimes even I am surprised by how dynamic my playlist is. I don't know what made me download this song, but I have it in my folder and never deleted it. It has that summer vibe and I even used it as bgm for our Bohol trip one summer. :)

** NINE IN THE AFTERNOON by Panic! At The Disco - This song reminds me of hot, humid afternoons meant for siestas. :)

DAY 4: A Song That Reminds You Of Someone You'd Rather Forget

** COME OUT OF THE SHADE by The Perishers - You know what's even more frustrating than not getting the person? Not knowing the reason you wanted them in the first place. There's a thin line between loving the person and just loving the feeling of being special to someone. So would you risk what the 2 of you have for something you're not even sure you want? So yeah. Ayon na nga. ANYWAY, moving on...

** STUPID CUPID by Aubrey Bouskill - Ah, this song will always be about that person.

DAY 5: A Song That Needs To Be Played Loud 

Honestly I think any song I'm in the mood to listen to is worth turning up the volume for, but I'm picking out a few which recently literally get me reaching for the volume knob when I hear them.

** MOVING ON AND GETTING OVER / STILL FEEL LIKE YOUR MAN by John Mayer - You just know his name's going to pop out one way or the other. Needless to say, I'd turn the volume up on any John Mayer song but these 2 are currently my favorites out of his new album so...

** ILYSB by LANY - this song is so simple but there's something about the falsetto that just makes you want to sing along in full volume.

** CLOSE by Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo - maybe for the same reason as ILYSB...the falsetto. :)

DAY 6: A Song That Makes You Want To Dance

Okay you have to brace yourself for this one. I'm a frustrated Jabbawockeez member (lol) so I got a lot of songs in this category. You'd notice it's a mix of oldies and newbies plus I threw in some K-pop in there (and by some, I mean a lot) and of course, Queen Britney. This playlist is an honest to goodness list of songs that make me pull an impromptu dance break like a legitimate Step Up sequel. LOL! I don't care if I'm in the bathroom, or in my car, or lining up at McDonald's...I will dance if I hear any of these songs. 

Aaand that's it for Days 1-6! :)

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